Our Mission



At MyDiscountShop we all believe in getting the best deal for our customers. No one wants to be paying more than they should be paying for their gas, electric or insurance. Right now the energy companies are making a fortune off people not switching to a better deal, And insurance just keeps getting more and more expensive every year!

We want to make it easier and more profitable for people to get a better deal, either by switching providers or helping others do the same and saving them some money. We believe in sharing with our affiliates, the commissions for the work they have done and pay out a large portion to the members that help build the business and help others save money.


Andreas Papaiacovou


Andy drives MyDiscountShop’s strategic vision and manages partner relations. Before MyDiscountShop he was responsible for the success of several companies, including Utilico Energy. His 35 years of experience as a high level software developer and analyst has proven invaluable during the development of the MyDiscountShop site, and his attention to detail is unparalleled.

Chris Pedge


Chris oversees the development of the software and maintenance of the hardware. He has been working on web applications for the past 10 years and brings experience of all required fields to manage the IT requirements.

The Team

Pete Lock

Support Team Manager

Heather Walker

Support Team

Gemma Papaiacovou

Energy Account Manager